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What we do.

We are company builders and investors with a passion for innovative media, entertainment, and consumer-oriented businesses. We believe life is not just about efficiency and practicality, but more importantly about excitement and great real-world experiences that create lasting life memories.


We look for businesses and venture ideas that are not in the investment scope of most technology-centric venture capitalists. We do not believe in technology for technology's sake but see technology as a means to elevate the customer experience and life. Most things that need improvement don't need "better technology" but better customer value and customer experience.

If you have a business, small or large, or an idea for a new company in the media, entertainment, or consumer space, we would love to hear from you.  Contact us

Our Investment & Company-Building Strategy

Our Expertise

We are experts in consumer-centric businesses. We look for ideas as broadly as media, entertainment, consumer goods (e.g. food, beverages) and services, leisure, travel, and anything that makes life exciting.

Our Investment Strategy

We build businesses from the ground up and we invest in businesses across all stages of their evolution:  We look at any business or idea as long as it is in our circle of competence, i.e. consumer-centric businesses. As investors, we are happy to participate in early-stage ventures but also become a substantial minority or even majority partner in mid-sized companies. We are also happy to help businesses in need of restructuring.

We aspire to be the trusted partner of ambitious entrepreneurs with crazy ideas: There are plenty of opportunities to invest in plain vanilla or copycat ideas. Or another app. What we look for are ideas that are really exciting and maybe on the verge of crazy. Together with bold entrepreneurs, we want to push boundaries and scale businesses. We want to build one-of-a-kind businesses in their respective sectors.

GET IN TOUCH if you are an entrepreneur in the consumer space and are looking for a partner to build your business.

Our Investor Circle

We are a small group of private investors (no fund) and we always look for co-investors with the same spirit of adventure: We develop and find proprietary investment ideas for us and for our small circle of co-investors. As a member of our close-knit investor circle, you get access to unique co-investment opportunities. 

GET IN TOUCH if you are an investor and would like to partner with us on future investments.

Contact Us

London Office (HQ):


71-75 Shelton Street

Covent Garden

London WC2H 9JQ

United Kingdom

UK Reg No: 14696705

Zurich Office:

Kirchgasse 50

8001 Zurich, Switzerland

To get in touch by email:

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